398 Aberdeen Street SE.  Medicine Hat, AB.
T1A 0R2

The mission of the Medicine Hat Amateur Radio Club is to promote amateur radio in the community and surrounding area on a long term basis.  The Medicine Hat Amateur Radio Club perceives itself as a catalyst to provide cohesiveness and cooperation amongst the various amateur radio organizations in the area as well as the fellowship and friendship that has always been a trademark of the hobby.


Medicine Hat Amateur Radio Club 2015 Executive
Chairman - Garnet McKenzie (VE6CFX)
Vice Chairman -  Kelly Klatt (VA6KRK)
Secretary Treasurer - Bill Baugh (VE6CTM)
Directors - Joel Keeler (VE6KEE)
                       - Bob Romanuk (VE6RBR)

© 2015 Medicine Hat Amateur Radio Club

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The Medicine Hat Amateur Radio Club is always looking for people interested in the amateur radio hobby. MHARC is a small non profit organization with a very  dedicated group of individuals always volunteering and giving back to the community.  We encourage any amateur radio operators to help support MHARC by becoming members. It is the amateur radio community that always pulls together when there is a state of emergency or a disaster. We need everyone's support to help maintain the local repeaters. These repeaters are key when providing emergency communications. Please help support MHARC by clicking the donate button below!!! 

The Medicine Hat Amateur Radio Club would like to remind members to pay your membership fees, You can do so at our meetings or you can use the handy link below!!!