VE6VVR - Fusion Repeater - location NE Medicine Hat - 145.410 MHz.(-600 Hz.) 100Hz. CTCSS.
 (Full time link to VE6RCM EchoIRLP)
*Note: This repeater is a key component to local emergency communications and will have the link to the EchoIRLP dropped when it is being utilized as an emergency repeater. EchoIRLP will be available on simplex as noted below!

VE6HAT - Repeater - location Elkwater 49'39'n-110'16.7'w - 147.060 MHz.(-600 Hz.) 100Hz. CTCSS.

--- 147.570 MHz. simplex (CTCSS-100Hz.)
IRLP Node # 1188
Echolink Node # 631817
*Note: This simplex link is primarily used as a drop link for the VE6VVR repeater, but when the repeater is being used for emergency purposes the EchoIRLP will be set back to the simplex frequency 147.570 MHz. (CTCSS-100Hz.)

Other Local Repeaters

VE6MHD - Fusion Repeater - location South of Medicine Hat approximately 33 kilometers
Frequency - 444.075 (+5.0MHz.) CTCSS-110.9Hz.

VE6CWK - Fusion Repeater - location Northwest of Medicine Hat approximately 29 kilometers
Frequency - 444.125 (+5.00MHz.) CTCSS-110.9Hz.

VA6SRG - DSTAR Repeater - location Dunmore  5.8 kilometers Southeast of Medicine Hat.
Frequency - 444.800 (+5.00MHz.)
(Click the DSTAR button to the left for more information.)

Other Frequencies of Interest

Environment Canada weather RADIO - Medicine Hat - 162.550 MHz. Weatheradio is broadcast on frequencies across Canada on 162.400, 162.425, 162.450, 162.475, 162.500, 162.525 and 162.550 MHz.

Some HF frequencies useful in this area:

Aurora Net 7.055 MHz. @ 11:30 Z.
Saskatchewan Public Service Net 3.735 MHz. @ 1:00 Z.
Alberta Public Service Net 3.700 MHz. @ 1:30 Z.
British Columbia Public Service Net 3.729 MHz. @ 1:30 Z.
Snowbird net -14.317 at 9:45 am MS/DT and 7.233 MHz at 5:00 pm MS/DT.

VE6HAT Repeater Location  Cypress Hills

VE6VVR Repeater Location  Veinerville

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